Penetration Testing

Pen Testing at it's Best

Vulnerabilities and exposures in most environments are due to poor system management, patches not installed in a timely fashion, weak password policy, poor access control etc. Therefore, the principal reason and objective behind penetration testing (security assurance) should be to identify and correct the underlying systems management process failures, that produced the vulnerability, that was detected in the assessment. The most common of these systems management process failures exist in the following areas:

System Software Configuration

Applications Software Configuration


User Management and Administration

Our penetration testing experts will evaluate the security of your IT infrastructures, using a controlled environment to safely attack, identify, and exploit vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities may exist in operating systems, services, networks, and application. They may also exist due to improper configurations or risky end-user behavior.

Hacking an organization’s security protections used to require a lot of time and skill. However recent technological advances have made it easier for bad actors to find and exploit a company’s most vulnerable points. The objective of penetration testing is to assist businesses to find out where they are most likely to face an attack, and proactively address those weaknesses before exploration by hackers.

Get the security and technical expertise needed to conduct successful pen testing by partnering with us. Our professionals have years of experience helping companies and organisations protect their information through ethical hacking. To set up a free consultation with our cyber security experts contact us today. Companies should conduct regular penetration testing. Regularly scheduled pen testing allows businesses to locate and mitigate cyber risks. Businesses should also call in experts like Cyber Secure Central, whenever the following changes occur:

Adding Network Infrastructure

Applying Security Patches

Upgrading Apps & Other Infrastructure

Modifications to
End-user Policies

Establishment of New Office Locations

Take charge of your company’s security standing by tackling vulnerabilities before they develop into a source of a significant data breach or other cyber attacks. Cyber Secure Central helps companies identify and solve safety problems within their networks, systems and other assets. Contact us for a consultation with one of our pen testers today.