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  • It is possible that the first attack was not from Israel, nor the second from Iran. Unfortunately attribution can be tricky. This is an element of world war III, it is a cold war utilising cyber warfare targeting economies and stability.

    Technology has changed a lot of aspects of our lives, moving them to the virtual world. As u mentioned in ur article revolutions have generally moved from the street to social media platforms online.

    While cyber attacks may be illegal, some may have noble intentions, such as exposing the truth! Some news reports for instance produced medical reports claiming that Floyd died of natural causes, while video footage from a mobile phone showed a different story (the truth).

    Cyber attacks even if they have good intentions, can be easily manipulated to create and/or spread chaos. The aftermath of the breach saw demonstrations n stores being burnt n robbed.

    Sting Rays, interesting name! Can someone tell me more about them?

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    We have yet to see how capable the Iranians are at cyber warfare. Indeed they have been engaged in a long series of cyber skirmishes with the US navy (particularly in the Arabian Gulf), however none of those skirmishes demonstrate Iranian superiority as far as cyber warfare is concerned. It is highly possible that the Iranians may seek to target neighbouring states, and/or American interests in the GCC, over attempting to paralyse an arm of the US government. The Iranian missile response to Suleimani’s assassination in Iraq, which resulted in no loss of American life, demonstrates how far Iran is prepared to go at the moment. Proportional ? Or face saving? Definitely not an eye for an eye.

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    This makes us really think about everything we share in our phones, Are we safe from this kind of attacks. I am an Iphone user, it makes me ask myself am I safe to share my information since Iphone users are not safe?  anything work related or even health can be used in a way for them. yes we can protect our self but if the iphone servers got hacked that’s it for your personal data.

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    Good article Timothy. This is an eye opener to a lot of things, the war is no longer with machines. Its mixed with with the electronics now days where you have to think about your cyber security safety. its not easy to hack this kind of things. But with the wrong hands, like people who didn’t bother to learn how to use it safely or traitors that can easily just give them an easy access.

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    Its always good to be extra safe when it comes to internet. MitM is not a new thing but it became a huge thing now days.
    Sometimes People login into a random Wi-Fi hotspots without really thinking much about it or clicking on links from emails they don’t know and some people don’t understand the danger of it. We have to think more than twice about it, this kind of attacks can make you lose your money, what’s worse is people losing their trust on you.

    getting your info leaked or used by a stranger, spying on your daily life, and knowing all the information about your life style and maybe your secrets and that can be used against you.

    We have to think about everything we have to do nowadays. One wrong move can ruin our life, by losing money or even giving them an access to our daily life which is worse than losing money. Some kids are being blackmailed because the wrong way of using the internet.

    Always learn how to be safe.

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    It’s a very delicate subject.
    One sensitive leaked information will alter the course of elections or agreements with neighboring countries.
    which is kind of Scary.

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