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  • in reply to: Qualities of a Good Chief Information Security Officer #6143

    100% on point article, as many chief information officers or various types of managers within the tech field tend to lack the business management skills required to actually do the job correctly.

    in reply to: 10 Safety Tips To Use When Shopping Online #6139

    I’ve always suspected that online shopping carried with it some type of risk, and yet never really had anything to affirm my belief, or did any research. Glad to be proven right, and thankful to have read this very informative and well written article.

    in reply to: 5 Surprisingly Easy Ways We Let People Steal Our Identity #6138

    Some of the things people do, which are mentioned in this article, are extremely foolish, to the point that one cannot believe they’re true. Yet, identity theft is quite prevalent, and dangerous, and this article sheds light on it in a useful and informative way, as it is no laughing matter.

    It is unfortunate to see how cyber criminals are causing so much damage to countries and organisations, sometimes laying waste to them complete. The cyber war is only getting started, and we must all be very prepared to face it.

    in reply to: How to Safely File Your Tax Returns Online #6025

    A rather complex issue made simple by this brilliant author. A job well done my friend, thank you. Now if I can only learn how to file my tax returns in the physical world, or what tax returns even are, then all will be well with the world.

    I didn’t even know what this was before reading the article. I would always read “Two Factor Authentication” without the slightest clue. This is what makes a great article. Fresh, unpopular information that is very useful and enlightening.

    I would not only say that cyber security is vital, it is almost mandatory. The price of being unprepared and unsafe is far too high, and no one with any sense would leave themselves naked in today’s cyber battlefield.

    The reason I’m safe from this is I always throw these loyalty cards away or even don’t use them to begin with, haha! I know it’s all a bunch of bullshit so they can gather information on me, so no, thank you.

    I’ll take this as further support to my already existent stance on the matter, which is not to share anything whatsoever on social media. Of course it goes without saying that sharing the matters mentioned in this article is nothing short of idiotic. Yet, personally, I’d rather share nothing at all and keep my private life, exactly that, private! Live hidden, live happy!

    in reply to: Huawei and the West #5932

    Go east, go west, Huawei is the best. Lol. All jokes aside, trusting anyone in the tech industry is liking placing your foot in a snake pit expecting not to get bitten. Sooner or later, the viper will rear its ugly head and strike. Hence why to this day, I still store very sensitive personal information on paper and hide it under lock and key. Hack that!

    The notion of even trusting a word that Facebook says is ludicrous. It is clear as day that they hoard all of our information and try to manipulate our behaviour through social engineering. The only person responsible for you and your date is yourself. Companies may be held responsible, yet they don’t conduct themselves thus. Hence why we must thrive to be informed and well prepared before being online, or avoid being online at all.

    in reply to: Why it is Important to Regularly Update Your Software #5930

    Ah the pesky “Update Software” notification. I like how the author of the article stresses on everyone’s displeasure and reluctance in actually pressing update, yet at the same time, also emphasises the importance of doing so, as it eliminates many prospects risks that come with forgoing this option. Thank you for the informative writing. Cheers.

    in reply to: 10 Actions to Take as Soon as Your Identity is Stolen #5929

    File a report with the Federal Trade Commission was not a step that I was aware of. Good article. I appreciate articles such as this one, where the information provided is truly beneficial, as it pertains to a topic that could very well affect anyone, and we must all aim to be well informed and well prepared in that particular case.

    in reply to: Cryptojacking: What it is and how to protect yourself #5799

    Agreed. If you ask me, the best way to avoid being crypto-jacked is to avoid using crypto altogether. Too messy and vague.

    in reply to: US Navy cyber security found wanting #5798

    I just got finished reading an article which proves the US’s cyber and tech intelligence is wanting, only to read that the US Navy is even lagging behind. It further proves the direction in which all of this is clearly headed.

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