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  • Looks like it might be a Biden v Trump election though…

    in reply to: Hamas catfishes Israeli troops #6629

    Interesting article! Definitely reinforces the fact that cyber security is no longer a matter for the upper ranks of military command, but for every member of any nation’s armed forces, as well as any and all independent contractors with whom they work.

    Even when operations, like the one explored in this article, target members of a nation’s armed forces; the ramifications extend further than defense personnel and contractors. The reach of such a spear phishing operation will have undoubtedly gathered data not only of IDF staff, but also of relatives & friends.


    I mean the spying point is valid. The Israeli spy Polland is in prison in the US for spying activities on Us soil. However reality is everyone is spying on each other these days. Cyber security knowledge definitely facilitates this. a hack is much harder to trace and attribute blame for than a cold era human spy with radio devices and bugging equipment.

    Russian intervention is far more aggressive and malicious in my opinion. However interfering in US elections is not a Russian monopoly, that is correct.

    This may well do favors for the Trump campaign! Russian backing will not be enough to put a socialist in the White House. The economy is better than it was during the Obama years, and the impeachment saga…This is not the first US election to see Russian cyber intelligence meddling, nor will it be the last. Also countries other than Russia have hackers, data scientists, and an interest in influencing US elections. I think we ought to be more worried about China!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)