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  • George Floyd is not the first victim of police brutality in the US. Brutality that is not sanctioned at state or federal level requires a proportionate and reasonable response. What is needed is a review of policing guidelines, and a stricter regime which regulates the assessment of threat an individual poses to a police officer in his line of duty.

    Furthermore we must recognize that racial profiling occurs every day around the world. One only needs look at the injustices spanning the globe to understand how self nourishing fear is, and how disastrous intolerance is. Indeed one only needs to look at the number of unarmed Palestinian civilians shot at, injured or killed by heavily armed Israeli occupation forces to realize that military might, superiority and influence do not remedy fear or intolerance. The margin of appreciation when it comes to assessing threat is ambiguous to say the least.

    Likewise US citizens living in poverty or beneath the international poverty line in areas that are ridden with crime and violence are entrapped in a vicious circle. This vicious circle feeds violence in all social aspects, the police are reactionary and a lot of the times share the upbringing of the community they are sworn to police.

    In today’s day and age we must learn with a careful examination of popular protest in every continent, the world over, some valuable lessons. Protests in Ukraine, The Arab Spring, Venezuela and the US ‘anti racism’ protests all share a common thread; violence. This violence is more often than not promoted and propagate by carefully administered social media campaigns. The  intelligence services of every single nation are aware of the massive power social media poses, and are employing cyber task forces to jump on the band wagon and hijack protests for ulterior motives.

    ‘Police is bad’ reminds one of George Orwell’s Animal Farm novel and the notion of four legs is good, two legs is bad. Attacking the police as a whole is discriminatory, and does not reflect well on a supposedly enlightened free nation. The rule of law must endure, or civil society will disintegrate into chaos. In times of chaos, extreme social infringement, and desperation  it is all too easy to find comfort in radical ideas that alienate and ostracize distinct segments of the population.



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    Also no surprises that the US thinks it ought to own the WHO because it pays more than China!  A war is coming…

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    It doesn’t surprise me that more cyber attacks have been accrued during the pandemic. Interesting how this pandemic has coincided too with reduced oil prices! The stage is set for major global changes and shifts in power and spheres of influence. We will witness the decline of a lot of industries and the rise of others, cyber security being just one of the rising stars.

    Allies that engage is such subversive activities pose an even greater threat! Friendship that is not built on respect is no friendship at all. Let us not forget that Israel has a history of spying on the US and other allies.

    Noam chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, and political activist. He is also a major figure in analytic philosophy and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science. He is the author of such books as ‘Understanding Power’, and ‘Who rules the World?’

    Cognitive scientists study intelligence and behavior, in short.

    AAM I couldn’t agree with you more, Noam Chomsky certainly does!

    Clearly any disagreement between the UK and the US in this regard does not effect the special relationship. Relations have not tensed because of this. Nor will UK Chinese trade relations protect Huawei from an inevitable US led witch hunt. It is clear that cybersecurity concerns are there, the UK is not ignorant to the risk posed by such operations. However let us not forget that post Brexit the UK will need to be delicate when it comes to dealing with China. China is now the world’s biggest economy, perhaps Huawei and the cybersecurity risks associated are a bit exaggerated and are being utilised as pressure cards to resolve bigger matters. Intellectual property is one of them without a doubt!

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    Although cyber attacks and cyber criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, white hackers and cyber crime fighting bodies are generally not keeping up. At a time when attribution is very difficult, and you even have hackers from one country posing as another’s, I sincerely wonder whether one day soon conventional armies will be no more than a prestigious luxury! The appeal of cyber war as a dimension of defense is unmatched. Lower costs, more often than not – anonymity, and quite simply far reaching.

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    Thanks for the detailed and insightful advice. This is a useful resource to any freelance writer, not just ghostwriters. I am a freelance business plan writer, and found this to be quite helpful.

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