Why are educational institutions a popular target for cyber criminals

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    I think educational institutions are popular targets for cyber attacks because of all information they have stored inside of their database which is easy to access due to lack of updating security system inside of schools and universities.Students personal information as well as their health information and  as well staffs personal info,their credit card details in some cases.

    Lacking of security updates causing big troubles for safety of all students and staff, but because its easy to access from many ways there is too many doors open for hackers to go and use that data, to sell on dark web for example to somehow manipulate,threat someone by using their personal info such as name address,phone numbers e-mail.

    Having such open system makes big problem for IT staff always keep their security systems updated due to lots of students as well as stuff usually using different OS: phones-which is easiest device to hack in,as well using MAC;Windows;Using legacy PC which is lacking new hardware what makes it really hard to keep updates on it as well;which makes too many different OS to keep track of and keep them all updated,to log into their site to check their grades for example or some other data,IT has to has to have some plan how to prevent that cyber attacks or how to counter them.

    Lots of students using really simple usernames and passwords to log into system which makes it even easier to hack them;After using on of the ways to enter system hackers may just send e-mails with  phishing links so they can get even more personal information and use it;

    IT to prevent that types of lacks in security in my opinion has to make all students as well as staff to use difficult  passwords and usernames which contains different symbols as well as capitals and small letters, using different numbers, not saving them on their device which they are using to access data, of course its impossible to make everyone not to  save passwords on their device but it can provide lot better security,while hackers will need more time to hack into systems because of that passwords and usernames as well if students wont open phishing links,IT staff may just work on updating security system across the board on all or at least most of OS which is having access to system.

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