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    How to know “its a malware” ??


    Hello, I know I’m replying a bit late, but better later than never 😉

    First sign of your computer having malware is, it being very slow. Apps need more time to load, OS also needs more time to load and so on.

    Another sign of malware is unknown popups popping on your screen (ads, porn, and some other weird stuff)

    Very often malware affects web browsers, so that’s another place to look for it. Having unknown pages open at browser startup, unexpected behavior of browser when clicking some links (sometimes even just clicking (anything)) is a sign of malware. Also sign of someone posting or sending some spam links on your social media, or even following unknown pages or people you have never seen, means you got malware on your device.

    These are most common signs of malware, but there are some others too.

    – So called Blue Screen Of Death. When computer shuts down unexpectedly showing some text with blue background (that’s called BSOD).

    – Programs opening and/or closing unexpectedly.

    – Very funny example, I have seen myself, was a malware that was blocking access to any antivirus website. So when you would suspect that your computer has malware and you would want to download antivirus (yes some people don’t even have it installed, at all), you wouldn’t be able to go to any of the antivirus websites.

    That are most common signs of PC or Laptop having malware. If you will have some more questions you are welcome to ask 🙂 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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