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    Educational Institutions are prime targets for hackers for 3 very clear reasons:

    1. Constant turnover

    2. Laissez Faire attitude of their users

    3. Content/Information available

    When it comes to people who don’t consider cyber security a big deal, students (most under the age of 25), and career educators rank right up there as those who both simply don’t think access to their accounts is a big deal. With students often assuming “what are they gonna steal access to? My grades! Good, maybe they’ll make them better for me!”. Meanwhile most career educators are not from Tech fields and have a general disinterest in technology and security as they tend to be more focused on their scholastic achievements, such as the humanities or arts. As such they simply make their passwords something easy to remember so they have one less thing to think about each day.

    Combine these attitudes with the constant turnover of 2 and 4 year institutions in both student and educators and you have a recipe for easy access should any hacker want to get into the system. While these students and faculty members don’t think about their information as anything more than grades, there is so much more available once access to the system is had. Medical history-most campuses require proof of shots mental health etc- social security numbers, parents financial information etc. This is all valuable to online hackers.

    By not regularly updating the software, and training of an educational institution, its administrators run the risk of online hackers looking to steal data, ransom the information it finds, or simply shut down the system of online education (where more and more classroom participation is happening) until the school is willing to pay a set sum. Essentially, places of higher learning are making themselves huge targets for a myriad of online attacks simply by carelessness/undervaluing the data they’ve been entrusted with by both faculty and student body.

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