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The Cybersecurity for Schools And Educational Institutions Course

Discover the theoretical, technical, legal and business sides of cybersecurity. Learn how to protect your educational institution and students from cyber attacks. Watch cyber attack simulations, and explore analytical case studies of schools/educational institutions that have fallen victim to cybercrime.

About This Course

  • How Cyber Criminals PLAN, DESIGN, and EXECUTE attacks on schools and educational institutions.
  • How to Spot Your Inner Security WEAKNESSES.
  • How Cyber Crime ACTUALLY Works.
  • What Data Breaches Are and WHY They Matter.
  • Legal Aspects of Cybersecurity.
  • How to Protect And Store User Data.
  • How to Manage Cybersecurity.
  • The importance of pentesting your school’s/educational institution’s website.
  • Understanding Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Regulations.
  • Complying with, and Understanding International Data and Privacy Regulations.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Owners and managers of schools/educational institutions.
  • Teachers
  • Education regulators
  • Government administrators
  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts

Did You Know That...

  • In 2019 education was one of the top 10 most cyber attacked industries.
  • The global cybercrime economy earns around USD 1.5 trillion annually.
  • By 2021, cybercrime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually.
  • The shortage of cybersecurity professionals is close to 3 million globally.

Meet Your Teachers

Gaynor Ogden-SuttonGaynor Ogden-Sutton (Former Head of the Public Defender Service of England and Wales, from 2000-2007, and advisor to the Governing Board of Educational Providers of South West England)

Abdulaziz A MasoudAbdulaziz Masoud (Founder and Director of Cyber Secure Central)

Maka PetriashviliMaka Petriashvili (Cyber Security Expert, Co-founder of CYSEC Cyber Security Educational Center)

Maksin IavichMaksim Iavich (Cyber Security Expert, Professor of Computer Science, Founder and President of Scientific Cyber Security Association)

John ChainJohn Chain (Blockchain Expert, Founder and President of Chain Enterprises LLC, Nevada, USA)

Our Students' Success Stories:

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As one of the managment team of an educational institute, we seem to have not given much importance to the penetration test for our website. After buying this course i would say we are going to pentest on a regular basis.
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One of the most important tasks as a teacher is preserving the safety of our students. Today we have to keep our students safe in the real world and the virtual one. Schools hold a lot of data on students online, we have to be educated as teachers on how to keep this info safe and secure; as the consequences of a breach could be devestating.
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it was an amazing course! I am an assistant to the director of a school, and my colleagues and I were delighted with how much we learned with the help of cyber secure central. I could not even imagine that there are so many threats. I am glad that we took this course. Thanks again!
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A cyber attack occurred on our school, as a result of which our databases were in the hands of cybercriminals. In our search fot help we found cyber secure central. They helped us deal with our problems and created a safe website for us. We decided to insure ourselves against future cyber attacks, and we took this course with the whole team. Thanks to our teachers! this course was very helpful.