Cyber Blog

Over the last decade, humanity’s increasing use of (and reliance on) technology has created a myriad of opportunities and innovations in every conceivable sector, but with these have come threats and risks – the higher the climb, the greater the fall. Cyber criminals and terrorists are able to cause damage and wreak havoc with fewer physical risks than their analogue predecessors of prior years, while remaining a significant (and perhaps even greater) threat to the law-biding public.

The need for cybersecurity, then, is greater than it has ever been, and will become increasingly vital. The danger posed by cyber criminals is not limited to organised crime or terrorist groups targeted corporations or governments: individuals are as much at risk as any big organisation, with credit card fraud, identify theft and being held to ransom via hacking all becoming significant threats to anyone unlucky enough to be targeted.

On this Cybersecurity Blog, the latest news and analysis of the field of cybersecurity will be reported and analysed, along with opinion pieces from international experts, along with advice on how best to protect.