5 Pieces of information you should never share on social media

5 Pieces of information you should never share on social media

Lyton atinga

I can almost picture anyone’s typical morning. As soon as you wake up, you allow yourself a lazy yawn and turn around while debating within yourself whether you are ready to wake up.
Of course you are not. But your dominant hand is awake. Out of an ingrained habit horned over the years, it methodically slides over the sheets looking for something you only know – a phone. When it finds it, it brings it to your face and suddenly you are ready to wake up. But you are not ready to get out of the bed. Two difference things.

Without the involvement of your conscious mind, your finger sliders over the phone’s screen as soon as it is powered on. The first thing it lasts on is an app – a social media app to be exact.
You open, let’s say Facebook and on top of your notification list is a reminder that today is your birthday or your friend’s birthday. You didn’t know it but Facebook does.

You slide down the Newsfeed to see what everyone else is up to. Your high school buddy has updated that she is in a vacation in Paris, you are secretly happy for her. Down the Newsfeed, a co-worker has just a bought new posh car and he is going bananas about how much it costs and how it didn’t even shake his bank account. You wish you were rich but you are not so you keep scrolling.

Down the feed, your best friend’s son just acquired a new credit card and can’t keep quiet about how much he thinks he is blessed. He is even generous enough to share a few pics of it. His friends are happy for him but you think it is stupid. It is just a picture of a credit card. You have held yours for two years but you only know that it holds more dust that money. Poor kid. Someone should tell him having a credit card is not exactly a blessing.

Anyway, you keep scrolling. Your former girlfriend has a new baby and she just shared some cute pics plus the name of the baby. You like the baby but you don’t like the mother so you keep scrolling.
Someone you don’t exactly remember is blubbering about how they just got a new pet they are going to name Wakanda. You allow yourself a giggle and wish you had your own pet….

Are you getting what I am trying to paint here? People are sharing so much about themselves and their lives on social media. So much that if you understand what online privacy really means, you’d be scared the hell out of your skin.
But maybe you don’t understand. So you are not exactly scared of the kind of personal and private information people put out there.

Social media is growing tremendously and more than half of the world’s population is now using any of the popular platforms. That means so much information is shared out there that if you wanted to impersonate someone, you’d seamlessly pull it out without breaking a sweat.

There is a lot of information about yourself and those close to you, you think is harmless if people knew but is not. What would anyone benefit from knowing your pet’s name or child’s birth date? Well, have you considered that maybe you are using the same as your bank account’s password? What makes you think someone wouldn’t think the same way you think about your passwords?
Below are more information you should never share on social media.

1. The Exact Details of Your Upcoming Vacation
Yea, you are excited you finally managed to afford a vacation. It is really hard trying to keep it to yourself so you just have to tell everyone exactly where you are. You have a whole lot of pictures to show for it.
But what you have to understand is that not all you Facebook ‘friends’ are your friends. Some are really malicious people. So, what could happen if the wrong person knew where you are?
Two things.
One, they know that you are not home so they go break into your house and walk away with everything.
Two, they come where you said you are and either kidnap you or do something worse.

2. Your Personal Location
This is almost like the vacation scenario above only that sometimes you don’t know you are doing it. Never allow Facebook or any other social media platform to share you location. Always ensure your location is turned off.
The same goes for geotagged photos. You’d only be making it easy for stalkers and other people with malicious intends to track you down. You might be excited you just visited a new city for the first time but you have to think about your security first.

3. Pictures of Your Credit Cards
You might be surprised but people actually share photos of their credit cards online. This especially goes to those who acquire it for the first time. Don’t ever do it.
Why? If anyone ever gets hold of your credit card number and the expiration date, they can buy anything online and the bill is on you. It’s almost like begging people to steal your identity.

4. Bank Information or financial status

You might be smart enough not to share pics of your credit card but if you go ahead and share critical financial information, you are no different.
For instance, flaunting your financial status is like inviting people to rob or kidnap you and ask for an unimaginable ransom. A few people care about your Platinum Credit Card or your new flashy car. It’s most likely that those people are the ones who will come after you and your money.

5. Birthdate
Well, of course you want everyone to know about your birthday and flood your timeline with congratulatory messages and gifts of digital cakes and cute flowers.

No one will kill you for lying about your date of birth on social media! In fact, it might kill you if you don’t. This is a critical piece of information that can be dangerous if it gets to the wrong hands.
Do you know how many people use their year of birth as their passwords? You don’t wanna know.

If you think you shared too much information about yourself and your life on social media, go ahead and delete some of it. No one will hang you for it.

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