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From Our Cybersecurity Forum

US Navy cyber security found wanting

American government agencies are in a state of anxiety with the country’s 2020 elections on the horizon. Fearing a repeat of the Russian hacking incident during its last electoral cycle of 2016, Washington has instigated a review of a number of national institutes’ cyber defence capabilities. Worryingly, the US Navy has come up short.

The Navy announced a new head of cyber on Friday, after two blunt reviews in the past year found it could not compete in cyberwar with nations like Russia and China and had “significant breaches” in its cyber defences.

Google, Apple and the Uighurs

Alarming news came out of Silicon Valley late last month, when Google discovered sustained hacking efforts being carried out against iPhone users over a period of several years. In a series of posts (https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-very-deep-dive-into-ios-exploit.html ) from a member of Project Zero, Google’s cyber security division, the extent and the targets of the attack are analyzed –the victims were iPhone users with versions of iOS from 10 to 12, the latest. The malware was hidden on a number of websites that infected users’ devices, principally when using the Safari browser.

Online Dating: How to Ensure Your Security and Privacy

They say heartbreaks are the worst. Well it does hurt pretty bad. When one experiences such a thing you can swear never to love again, or even date, but we all know how that ends up. In this modern age, finding a person and eventually dating has never been made easier thanks to our technology. But then, when the deal is too good think twice. By visiting any of the numerous dating sites (like Match.com, OkCupid, Tinder which are mostly used) you can simply create a profile and start meeting new potential suitors right from the comfort of your favorite couch.