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From Our Cybersecurity Forum

Huawei and the West​

Cyber attacks and espionage officially sanctioned by the Chinese government have become a matter of national security for a number of Western nations in recent years, but issues with Huawei’s expansion – particularly its 5G mobile networks – have shown that Beijing’s private sector is also potentially a risk factor.

This is not simply due to the fact that Huawei products are being used by large Western corporations, as well as governments; using technology provided by a company headquartered in a nation which is (at  a conservative estimate)

Google, Apple and the Uighurs

Alarming news came out of Silicon Valley late last month, when Google discovered sustained hacking efforts being carried out against iPhone users over a period of several years. In a series of posts (https://googleprojectzero.blogspot.com/2019/08/a-very-deep-dive-into-ios-exploit.html ) from a member of Project Zero, Google’s cyber security division, the extent and the targets of the attack are analyzed –the victims were iPhone users with versions of iOS from 10 to 12, the latest. The malware was hidden on a number of websites that infected users’ devices, principally when using the Safari browser.

Cyber Security & Agriculture

With cyber security becoming an increasingly discussed field in the media, it is natural that the term has come to conjure certain images. Allegations of political interference cause Russian troll farms to spring mind, while economic hacking and corporate espionage might prompt recollections of recent spats between Beijing and Washington.
One might also consider – reasonably enough – military matters, since modern warfare has witnessed a startling series of advancements in a variety of sectors from drone technology to advanced stealth capabilities for aircraft…