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Cyber Secure Central is a multinational tech company, with a focus on cybersecurity. We offer cybersecurity services, certified courses, website development, digital marketing and mobile app development. Furthermore we provide premium quality HR services for employers and job seekers wishing to recruit and work in the fields of cybersecurity and technology. We also manufacture and provide personal protection equipment.

Services we offer

New, unique and certified online cybersecurity courses

cybersecurity for schools

Cybersecurity for Schools And Educational Institutions

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  • SQL Injection Detection (SQLI)
  • Reflected XSS Detection (RXSS)
  • Local File Inclusion Detection (LFI)
  • Remote File Inclusion Detection (RFI)
  • Unvalidated Redirect Detection
  • Old, Backup Files Detection


  • Standard Cybersecurity Encryption Algorithms
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Crypto And VPN Boxes
  • Post Quantum Cryptography
  • Quantum Key Distribution
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)


  • Solutions And Services
  • Developing Applications
  • Ready Solutions
  • Blockchain As A Service
  • Advisory Services & Workshops
  • Security Services
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